Joy Fan redefines “vintage” by capturing iconic studio-era silhouettes in her visionary designs.

Details like lace, embroidery and beading are signature Vintage Joy. Each element features eloquence while unfolding mystery, insinuating feminine sensuality and embracing the art of flirting.

Fueled by a need to bring fashion back to a time when clothes were specifically tailored to the individual, Joy uses quality fabrics with a strict attention to what accentuates the female form. Every seam and dart is carefully considered allowing Joy’s personal handiwork to stand out.


She believes in adhering the “vintage standard” in the present; applying that a design be born with high quality workmanship and attention to detail that are able to withstand the passing of time. Joy’s personal found treasures are often included in her one-of-a-kind pieces as she believes a design should narrate one’s individuality. This level of craft is a nod to a time when clothing was more than an extension of a woman’s look, but a showcase of her character.


Joy’s experience in New York, from designing alongside of former Gucci designer, Junichi Hakamaki and working at Anna Sui, Juicy Couture and Saks Fifth Private Label reveals a solid foundation of functional street style while refining it with her taste for glamour. A degree in Environmental Fashion Design from the University of California, Davis encourages Joy to adhere to a domestic approach,yet her exposure in Shanghai and Beijing harbors international appeal.


Currently residing in her hometown of San Francisco, Joy prides in finding inspiration through the elegant architecture and innovative lifestyle of this unique city. Much like how a chandelier is the focal point in a classic San Francisco Victorian home; a woman who wears Vintage Joy becomes the highlight of her surroundings.


Vintage Joy can be found through consignment boutiques or upon inquiry of her collection, custom and couture designs. You may contact Joy at

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